About us

Start Blog Help is a blog which focuses on the “How To Start A Blog” articles. We help people to start their blogs. We want to teach blogging to the people who actually want to learn it.

Our Audience:

Unfortunately (or fortunately), this blog is NOT for everyone. This blog is for only those people who want to start their blogs. All of our articles are related to “start blogging”. So, only the people who have an interest in blogging can read this blog. Here are some of the topics that we provide:

  • How to Start Blogging
  • How to Improve a Blog
  • How to Be a Better Blogger


This blog started in July¬†2016. It’s founded by Abdul Haseeb, founder of Blogging House.

Let me tell you how this got started. Some friends started to ask me “teach us about blogging“. After getting these questions, I decided to do something. I just started a blog which will have a flood of information. I have written step-by-step guides for beginners. So, they would learn how to start their blogs.