Step 1: Reasons to Start a Blog

You might be thinking why I should start a blog? Why I should spend my time on my blog? Or, Why should I create a blog? Let’s answer these questions.

Top 10 Reasons to Start a Blog

There is always a reason for doing anything. Blogging is done by the reasons it depends on you “why are you blogging”. For answering this question, I have shared ten reasons why you should start a blog. There are hundreds of reasons for this topic, but I am sharing only ten which are most common. Here are these reasons.

1. Be a better writer

A blogger is always a good writer. Blogging can help you to improve your writing skills. When you’re writing blog posts regularly, then you know what your mistakes are and how to improve them. I highly recommend students, authors, teachers, writers, etc. to start a blog.

2. Share your views

When you’re blogging, you have the rights to share your views. You can share everything that you think with your audience. Your audience would also love to read your views.

For those peeps, who are asking themselves “should I start a personal blog?” then the answer is yes! go a head and change your ordinary lifestyle to blogging lifestyle.

Benefits of personal blogging:

  • Get communication skills
  • Build your personal brand
  • Share your thoughts
  • Emphasize your thoughts
  • Interact with your followers

3. Be a teacher

On your blog, you can share anything that you know. There is no degree or certificate needed. A blogger is also a teacher. You can teach what you know. It means blogging gives you teaching skills.

4. Promote your service

If you’re a writer, freelancer, or any service provider, then you can create a blog to promote your service. When you write for your audience, then people trust you. I this way, you can promote your service. You can see there are many marketers, who are promoting themselves by using their blog. So, why don’t you?

5. Promote your business

Why blog for business?

Every business should have a blog. There are thousands of businesses who are promoting themselves through blogging. So, blogging can also help your business to grow. Every experienced marketer would recommend you to blog if you’re a business.

6. Become a celebrity

A blogger is always loved by his readers. If you’re having thousands of people who reads your blog and follow your instructions then you’re a celebrity. You are an inspiration for them. They are following you. Feel like a celebrity while blogging!

There are several actors, celebrities, entrepreneurs  etc who are having their personal blog. Like them, you can also start a personal blog.

7. Learn new things

Every blogger is also a learner. When you do research on any topic, then you get a lot of ideas and your knowledge increases. For example, if  I create a blog about fashion than I would learn new things about fashion daily. My every new blog post would teach me several things.

8. Build your audience

Blogging award you with fans, supporters, readers, visitors, users, customers, and clients. If you want to get a vast audience, then create a blog which will be loved by everyone. Your audience will help you on many occasions.

9. You’re the boss

Who is your boss? That’s you! In blogging, you have the freedom of work. No one creates limits on you. You can write according to your requirements. In this way, you’re your boss.

10. Make Money Blogging

High Five! Here comes the interesting part which you were looking for. Aren’t you?

Definitely! Blogging can be a good source of handsome income. You can also search on internet about the folks are making several bucks in a day just from blogging. Later on, you will learn the ways from which your blog will make you money.

There is one thing that I want to mention here. Blogging gives you money but it requires much time. In start, you have to build the authority of your blog and have to do hard work on it. Then later, it pays you for your efforts. But, blogging is not like a source of making you a billionaire on just day 1.


Well, I have explained you several reasons why you should blog. 10 reasons to start a blog are mentioned above.

There is no specific reason for blogging & blogging don’t need any reason to be started. I have shared you ten common reasons. Just start the blogging journey if you have the dare to do.