Step 2: Choosing Your Niche

When you’re starting your blog, then the first step is your niche.

In simple meaning, Niche means topic. Then, niche blog means a blog on a specific topic. Niche blogging means to blog on a specific topic.

There are some people who have started micro niche blogs (and some are not focusing on niche). Before, telling you how to choose a niche, I would tell you why niche blogs are better.

Niche blogs are those blogs which focus on a specific topic. While general blogs are those blogs which don’t have any topic limited. General blogs can have articles on any topic. Some people might be thinking that general blogs are better than the niche blog, but I think niche blogs are better than general blogs.

Let’s suppose there is a blogger named Mike. Mike creates his own blog. He decided to create a niche blog and he chooses fashion as a niche. Now, he is having his fashion blog.

Suppose another blogger James. James created his general blog without any topic. James is going to cover all his favorite topics on this blog.

Mike will get traffic that is searching for “fashion” article. Mike can collect email list, social followers, etc. He can also make money by adding banners on his website. The visitors would get fashion advertisements, and there will be a great chance that mike will make more money.

That was Mike’s niche blog. Let’s come to the James’ general blog. That blog does not have any topic to blog. James is writing health and fashion both articles. Now, there will be two types of readers, one who will come for health articles and others will be there for fashion articles. Health readers would never click on fashion banners. And, fashion readers would never click on health banners. If no one would click on Ads then James will not get any penny. So, James would not make money.

Well, my example told you the difference between niche and general blogs. It’s time to start a niche blog.

Now, you’re thinking which niche you should start your blog?

There are too many niches in the market. You can’t even count them.

The best way to choose a niche is that choose the niche that you love. If you have an interest, passion or attraction in any niche. Then, that’s your favorite niche. You will be able to write better on that topic.

Do you know, your favorite niche can be even better than the best niches in the market, Yes!

My favorite niche is blogging and SEO. Health is more profitable than this niche. If I would work on health then I would make more money but that’s wrong. I don’t even know the ABC of the health niche. Which means, I can’t write on this niche because I don’t have the knowledge nor I have any interest in it.
Second thing, I have more passion in blogging than health or medical. So, I have the power to work more on blogging rather than medical.

When I started my first blog, I can’t discover my niche at that time. I was first writing about Softwares, then I started to write about computer tips. Well, I could not work on those niches. After 1 year of learning and trying new stuff, I have finally chosen “blogging” as my niche. I was having a  great interest in blogging at that time.

Now, you will have to choose your niche before starting your blog.

Your Hobbies are Your Niches

Yes! Hobbies are the stuff that we do in our free time. If you would write about your hobby then it will be easy for you and you will be able to write better about the thing that you love.

If your hobby is book reading then you can easily write on this topic. You read a book, write reviews on it. You can create a list of your favorite books and then you can publish them. There are many ideas that you can get from your hobbies.

Some of the hobbies for blogging:

  • Movie Watching: Watch movies and write reviews. You can also write articles like “My top 10 movies” or “Top 10 movies of the famous actor” and many other ideas. This can help you to start a movie blog.
  • Gardening: Create a blog about gardening and show your skills. You will help other gardeners in the world. Which means you will be a teacher.
  • Playing Games: Gaming blogs are also now created by many newbies. A gamer will love to write about his favorite games. You can also share your tips for gaming. Come on! You can easily start a gaming blog.
  • Songs & Music: Now a days, every second person have a passion for music. If you also do have then you can start a music blog.

Those who have interest in beauty and cosmetics can start a makeup blog. Photography is also vast these days, which means a photography can start a photography blog to show his work. There are thousands of hobbies. Every person has its own hobby according to his taste. It means every hobby is a niche.

In simple words, your hobbies can make you a good blogger. Let’s see what is your hobby 🙂

Some profitable niches (recommended by the experts)

Here are some of the profitable niches that are recommended by many experts. Some experts say that these are best for affiliate marketing. Some of these are also listed as blog topics that make money. I listed them below because I think these may help you:

  • Health
  • Weight loss
  • Blogging niche (my favorite one)
  • Personal development
  • Technology niche
  • Money and business niche
  • Fashion
  • Celebrities
  • SEO niche
  • Insurance

Well, these above were recommended by market experts. If you see then you have a lot of opportunities for making money.

What is the most profitable niche?

Well, do you know what is the most profitable niche?

The most profitable niche is the one that you are passionate to write about. If you’re having an interest in something then you can work on that thing better than anything else. In the above paragraphs, I have already written some lines about this.

It does not matter which niche (or topic) do you love. If you are having interest in cosmetics then you can start a beauty blog. If you know how to cook good then you can start a cooking blog. If you are having ability to craft better then you can start a craft blog. If you are a doctor or a medical student then you might be interested to start a health blog.

If you have a passion for anything then you will have more, more and more power to work on that. If you love your job, then it is the world’s best job for you.

Similarly, if you love a niche then it is the best niche for you.