Step 4: Domain and Web Hosting

Now, this is the main part of the article. We’re going to start the basics of your blog.

As I have mentioned that we need a domain and a web hosting for starting your blog. So, first, we would buy a domain and then we would get a web hosting.

Oh! Wait! I have not described you what are domain and hosting. Let explain and describe you a little bit about domain and hosting.This part will clear all our confusions about domain and hosting.


That’s the name of your blog. It’s just like an address of your blog. Your domain name represents your blog. Visitors use your domain name to reach your site. For example:


Domain Name costs around $15/year. Some providers like Godaddy, give it for just $0.99 for the first year.

You should be careful while choosing a domain name. You can’t edit/change it later. Here are some tips that you should follow while choosing your next domain name:

  • Easy to remember: Your domain should be easy to spell, easy to remember and easy to write. If it will easy to remember then it will be easy for the visitor to return back to your site.
  • Avoid numbers or hyphens: Numbers and hyphens cause confusion. You should never use hyphens. Hyphens look spammy. The example of hyphens: Numbers also should be avoided. The visitor is confused while reading numbers or hyphens. Second thing, such domains are hard to remember.
  • Make it short: Short domain names are loved by everyone. Make your domain short as much as possible. Short domains are hard to find these days. I recommend short domains because they look legend, and they are easy to remember.
  • Brandable: These days, you can’t find an exact match domain. Now, people are focusing on getting branded domains. You should also give your blog a name that will act like a brand. Because brands are trusted.
  • .COM is king: you should try to choose.COM extension first. If I tell someone about my domain without telling its extension, then the first extension comes in the mind is.COM. You can try yourself. Tell your friends about your site name,  they will first think about.COM.
    Your target should be.COM domain. If you can’t find.COM suitable for you then.NET and.ORG should also work. But, it depends on your business. Some business book all three TLDs (i.e. COM, NET, ORG) for their website.

In the next step, I would guide you to get your domain name. Yes! You’re going to start a blog with own domain.

Well, I have given you a lot of things about domains. Now, you’re thinking “I have got my domain, how to start a blog on it?” Let me answer this.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the space where you store your website’s data. There you will store all of your files, databases etc. In simple words, domain is the way to access data stored in web hosting. Without the web hosting, you’re unable to start your blog with your domain.

Domain and web hosting, both are fundamental things for a website. A website or blog can’t be created without any of these. All of your things are stored on web hosting, domain gives an address to them.

Your web hosting is the backbone of your site. Everything is controlled from there. You should get a good web hosting if your web hosting is not reliable then your site is at risk. If you want your site to be successful, then get a good web hosting.

Business Class Web Hosting

There are different types of hostings. Here are the main:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server

We will discuss shared hosting here, it’s affordable and perfect for small businesses, blogs. and normal websites. VPS and dedicated servers are for big projects and are expensive, you can’t afford them at the initial stage.

Now, you might be thinking how to choose a web hosting provider? This is a good question.

There are hundreds of web hostings exists. Let’ find out, which one is perfect for you.

Choosing A Web Hosting

Now, we have to choose a right web hosting. If you choose a wrong web hosting then your site will experience many difficulties. Here are some of the factors that you can consider while choosing web hosting:


The web hosting should have a good support department. Customer support is the first thing because whenever you got a problem, support department helps you. If customer support of a web hosting is better, it means web hosting knows the value of its customers. So, you should choose the web hosting with good customer support.

Uptime Guarantee

Uptime means the time when the website is live, downtime means the time when the website goes down. Downtime results in loss of visitors, customers, and clients. So, we should try to avoid downtime. Web hosts give the guarantee of uptime. Well, there is nothing perfect. Every user has to experience downtime. But, it should be as less as possible. A few minutes downtime can occur in any web hosting. So, you should choose a web hosting which is willing to give you 99% uptime guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee

Suppose, you bought a web hosting, but due to some reasons you’re going to cancel your plan. If a web hosting is giving money back guarantee, then you can get your money back in this specific time period. I know you don’t want to waste your money. Some web hosts give 30 days money back guarantee. Means, within 30 days, if any problem occurs, then you have the authority to get your money back. This is just like a trial period. I will show you a web hosting provider which is giving 90 days money back guarantee. Read below and you will know.


This is an interesting point. There are hundreds of brands. There are some web hosting providers which are offering web hosting at the too much cheaper price, but their service is worst. You should not get fooled by cheap prices. The price of web hosting should not be so cheap, and also not so expensive. It should be affordable. I recommend you to create a list of features that you need and then invest according to these features. An average web hosting costs around $3-8/month.

Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress

Customer Reviews

When you’re choosing any web hosting company, then search for their reviews on the internet. See what their customers are saying about them. This is a good ask to check customer reviews before choosing your web hosting. Be sure to check that the site where you’re checking reviews, is that right or not?

Search the query on Google: “Web Hosting Name + reviews“. Replace “Web Hosting Name” with the name of hosting you’re looking for. For example I search about “InMotion Hosting Reviews“.

When you will search the reviews then you will see the real face of web hosting. In this way, you can judge the quality of the web hosting. I highly recommend you to do this before choosing any web hosting.

Our Recommended Web Hosting

Best web hosting for WordPressWell, it is hard to choose a web hosting. It requires experience and time. When you have tried several web hostings and got an experience, then you know which web hosting is good.

In the past 4 years, I have used several web hosting. Many free web hostings, paid, local, international, US based and many other. Sometimes, I even got some loss of money, but I am okay with that. Now, I know which web hosting is good and which is having drawbacks.

I want to save your time. So, I would share you my best web hosting. The web hosting on which I trust. That’s InMotion Hosting.

I highly recommend InMotion Hosting. I have been using them since 2015,  Their service is really awesome. InMotion Hosting is the best place to start a blog.

Start your blog with 6 months free web hosting

If you want to save your money and time, then you should go with InMotion Hosting.

Reasons why should you choose InMotion Hosting:

#1. Their customer support is best in the world. My first reason, why I choose InMotion is their support. They are really friendly human. I found their support best in the world. I have talked to them on several occasions and they have given me a great response. InMotion’s support department can help you in solving your problems. You may contact them before buying their hosting.

Web Hosting with best customer support

#2. They are giving 90 days money back guarantee. It means in first 3 months, you have authority to get your money back at any time. It indicates that InMotion Hosting’s service is good, that’s why they are giving too many days. HostGator gives 45 days money back guarantee. I like InMotion because it gives more benefits than the competitors. I think you should give them a try, if you get disappointed then you will get your money back. 90 days are enough to test a product in the market.

#3. InMotion Hosting is giving free SSDs with every web hosting plan. SSD stands for solid state drives. They are faster than the spinning hard disks. SSDs increase the speed of your site and your content is delivered to the user faster. This technology is increasing its scope faster. Only a few web hostings in the world are offering SSDs. Some are charging extra for providing SSD hosting. InMotion Hosting is giving best SSD hosting for free with every web hosting plan.

Web Hosting with free SSDs, Databackups and website builder

#4. They are giving 99.9% uptime. As I have told you that downtime is not good for a site (it can also impact SEO). So, if you want to avoid downtime then go with InMotion Hosting.

#5. They are giving freebies with their hosting plans. Here are some of them:

  • 1-FREE Domain (valued $15)
  • $250 in Ads credit.
  • Free data backups
  • Free SSDs
  • BoldGrid included for FREE
  • And many more features.

So, there are many other features due to which I recommend InMotion Hosting. Now, let’s create a blog on InMotion Hosting. Follow these steps and get started!