Step 5: Create Your Blog

Okay! You have learned much. Now, it’s time to create your blog by using your technical skills (which you got while reading this article). Follow this step-by-step tutorial and start your blog on InMotion Hosting.

Step#1: First go to InMotion Hosting using my discount link. You will get 6 months free discount and you will save huge! This discount is exclusive to you because you’re my reader. Here is the link to the discount:

Start your blog with 6 months free web hosting

Step#2: Select your web hosting plan. There are two plans available. If you want to host only 2 (or 1) websites, then you should choose Launch plan. Well, if you want to host 6 websites, then choose power plan.

InMotion Hosting shared hosting plans

Step#3: It’s time for the domain name. If you want to purchase a new domain, then just enter your desired domain and check its availability. If it will be available then continue to the next step. If you are already having a domain (from any other registrar) then select enter your domain name and click on continue.

InMotion Hosting - Domain name selection during Installation

When you would select a domain name then in the next screen, you would be offered a Domain Privacy. If you want to save you $9.99 then you may skip it.

Domain Privacy

Step#4: Now it’s time to select your hosting plan. Here you can see a default plan. You can click on “Change My Plan” to select an appropriate plan. You may move on if the default plan seems right.

Change of plan during purchase of hosting

First, it is asking for Max Speed Zone. Select the one in which you want maximum speed. If you’re not sure about this then no problem! You can select this later.

Max Speed Zones

In the next block, you can see prefixes for the Auto Installer. Select “Install WordPress” if you want to have WP pre-installed. This option is really worthy if you want to save time.

WordPress CMS selection

In the final screen, you would have to enter the billing and payment information. That’s just ordinary details which you enter during purchasing an online product. If you found anything confusing in those then you may contact InMotion’s support for help (they’re friendly guys).

Entering Billing & Payment Information

Install WordPress Manually (Optional)

This step is optional if you didn’t installed WordPress during checkout. Here are the steps to install WordPress manually. If you already installed WordPress then skip this step.

Go to

First login to your InMotion Hosting AMP.

InMotion Hosting AMP login

Now, click on cPanel and a new tab will be open in your browser.

InMotion Hosting Account Management Panel

Scroll down and in the section “Software and Services”, click on the “Softaculous Apps Installer“.

cPanel Software and Services section

Softaculous is the 1-click app installer which contains 310+ applications that you can install on your blog. We will choose WordPress.

Softaculous application installer

WordPress install will be open. There you need to select some options.

Installing WordPress in Softaculous

First section is Software Setup. It contains Protocol, domain, directory and database name.

Softaculous WordPress software Setup

Choose the protocol of your domain. If you’re having SSL then choose HTTPS otherwise HTTP.

Softaculous WordPress Software Setup Protocol

Select the domain on which you want to install WordPress.

Softaculous WordPress Software Setup Domain

I think directory should be empty. So, leave this option.

Database name on which you want to install WP. The database is created new in this process. So, you can choose any name.  If you would leave this option as it is then it will be default name.

Next step, table prefix. Web developers and technical guys will be familiar with this option. If you don’t know anything about that then leave it as it is.

Next section is Site Setting. First choose site name and then enter tag line.

Softaculous WordPress site setting

In this section Admin Account. You have to set the username and password for your WordPress admin panel. These both things should be secret and make it sure only you know these.

Softaculous WordPress Admin Accounts

Other fields are optional. So, you can leave them and enter your email address at the end.

Click on “Install” button and wait.

Softaculous WordPress installation

A few minutes later you will see the WordPress in installed.